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How To Wear Unique Style With Yoga Sets?,- Long gone are the times when yoga was only for increasing your inner peace and flexibility. That’s because it has become a way of showing off your personal style and making a fashion statement. For this reason, women are investing in trendy yoga outfit sets, so they can take Instagram-worthy pictures. However, many of them don’t style them properly. 

It’s wrong because styling the yoga set can make your experience much more enjoyable. That’s because you will feel more comfortable. So, if you already have a yoga set, we are sharing a few styling tips!

1. Always Do Layering

Many women just wear their yoga set and go out for the sessions. However, layering is something that helps accentuate the entire look. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that layering can add versatility to the attire. For instance, you can add a cardigan or jacket because it looks amazing and keeps you warm when the winds get chilly. 

Not to forget, if you have some modern cover-ups, they can easily help you transition from yoga sessions to the outside world. In simpler words, you can run errands. With this set, you can easily wear a long coat and a few chains at the neck to add some fashion spice. 


seamless shorts
Seamless tie dye sports shorts set

2. Accessorize 

When you want to elevate your yoga style and take it to new heights, it’s recommended that you use accessories. For instance, you can opt for yoga-themed jewelry, such as symbolic pendants and chakra bracelets. That’s because these pieces will add a bit of spirituality to the look. Also, you can invest in nice yoga bags and mas because they help make a fashion statement as well. Not to forget, if you want to wear jewelry, it’s important to wear a top that shows your neck!


long sleeve top
Charm crossed long sleeve top

3. Focus on Footwear

Many women think that purchasing leggings and sports bra is all they need for a yoga session, but purchasing the right footwear is equally important. Many yoga practices need you to be barefoot because it helps create a connection with the ground. However, you can purchase grip-enhancing shoes for hot yoga. In simpler words, you must purchase yoga sets from activewear Black Friday sale but focus on footwear as well. To illustrate, the following set from Cosmolle looks amazing with flat shoes. 


Stylish cross strap workout legging

4. Learn the Transition Style 

It’s common to think that yoga clothes are limited to the studios, but those times are long gone. That’s because now, you can easily transition from studios to the roads by matching your yoga pieces with daily fashion pieces, such as pants and blazers. For instance, you can layer the yoga jacket with a casual outfit while heading out for groceries. 

Another option is to pair the yoga leggings with a trendy and stylish top for a fashionable look. This look will surely keep you comfortable without compromising on your personal statement. In fact, Cosmolle has a lot of leggings that you can pair with regular tops. 


Seamless bra high waist legging set lettuce

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14 komentar

  1. Yes, we can wear yoga sets daily and mix and match it with other clothes such as blouse or dress. Those yoga sets are sooo cute.

  2. I Don't know much about yoga sets. But I thinks it's important to wear something that isn't just looking good, but also feels good, especially for woman. Cause yoga is demanding so much flex and pose, so wearing something comfortable is very important.

  3. Klo mau yoga emang kudu pas outfitnya ya. Supaya nyaman saat geraknya. Thanks artikelnya kak jadi ide untuk kostum yoga yang stylish

  4. I like the yoga set, I can think of them as my mood booster to do yoga more frequently (but this is just me finding a reason to buy them all)

  5. pakaian yoga sekarang ini banyak modelnya ya dan pilihan bahannya juga bagus-bagus
    aku sendiri kalau yoga cuman pakai celana legging biasa plus kaos, karena nyari pakaian sport kayak gini susah gampang

  6. I agree with that perspective. The evolution of yoga wear has made it incredibly versatile. Nowadays, it's not just confined to the studio. The beauty lies in the ability to seamlessly blend yoga clothing with everyday fashion. Pairing yoga pieces like jackets or leggings with regular clothing such as trousers or blazers has become a fashionable trend.

  7. Kalo workout di rumah biasanya aku ga peduli baju stylish atau ga. Yg penting ga ganggu gerakan 😄. Tapiiiii kalo latihannya di gym, naaah itu memang wajiiiib perhatiin pake apa, jangan sampe malah JD aneh sendiri gara2 baju terlalu casual 🤣

    Cakep2 nih model yoga set nya... Paling suka yg abu2 no 1. Soalnya aku ga suka kalo celana panjang atau lengan panjang saat latihan mba. Sumuk 🤣🤣. Beda kalo di negara sedang winter. Okelaah biar bdn anget

  8. Outfit buat Yoga jaman now semakin beragam dan menarik, selain olahraga nya yang bikin badan makin sehat dan relax, bisa juga nih mix & match outfit Yoga supaya makin kece badai.

  9. Kalau workout pakai pakaian yang khusus olahraga pasti lebih nyaman ya rasanya daripada pakai kostum kaosku yang bisa kelihatan aurat di mana-mana hihi, aku suka yang outfit hitam kayaknya bahannya nyaman yaa dan bikin kita bebas bergerak saat yoga

  10. To exercise we have to wear convenient clothing yet strong. For women who wears modest clothing, layering is a good idea.

  11. Ah, yes... I'm reminded that when I exercise, I really need to prepare these details so that I can looks good, polite and also maintain my health after exercise. So that the benefits of doing exercise can be felt.

  12. Nah,kalau mau yoga gini memang bagusnya pake outfit yang nyaman ya biar gerakannya juga luwes. Kayak outfit yang ada di gambar di atas, kelihatan bahannya bagus dan nyaman nih.

  13. Thank you for the tips. So far, I rarely do yoga because I prefer to use a bicycle or just go for walks in the mountains, beaches and the like. Hihi...everyone's hobbies are different.

  14. All the products look good and look comfortable to use, but I love the second one because I love the black colour and I think it suits for Yoga,


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